Angela Bogaard:

Practising artist over 27 years. Professional artist since 1983. I experimented with fresh ideas about the nature of materials and functions of art. Ever since the mid-1980s, I have been engaged conquering and creating my own language in the process. At first glance, my works appear expressive, but they always incorporate social references. The act of painting and digital art  itself is an intuitive process, where emotion and inner communication is a vital element.Communication is universal and splashes through the worlds until the unapproachable. I think that feelings come from the unconsciousness, the impenetrable spirit of each person. I think that art represents the projection of the unconsciousness, giving new forms to ideas with a beginning and with an end. The act of paintingand digital art  itself is the unexpected keys to enter a new room with an unknown view.

Dr. Waldemar H. de Boer : "Angela Bogaard distinguishes herself of much contemporary artists by producing very varied work. She does not like to limit herself by style, subject choice or medium type, resulting into oftenly surprising artworks. Her paintings radiate an almost alarming tension. The expressive images drag the viewers to certain regions in the subconsciousness and it is the question if they want to go there. Bogaard’s altered photograph are not much different: although they contain scenes from daily live, they portray a “disturbed” reality, in which she tries to expose the soul of the concerning objects. The artist has created a unique world, which will fascinate its viewers and will evoke, whether they like it or not, a broad range of emotions."