My work “Botox”   represents the manipulation of the human body and the influence of Barbie on the female body image. For some women, the use of Botox gives them the confidence to feel sexy and wanted.

My work ‘Broken doll’ represent the  life-size dolls who are a huge hit and are sold to women who feel the need to care. A lot of these women get confused and feel for the dolls as if they were their own children. The truth can be harsh and devastating when they realize that the dolls are made of plastic, and the Botox too is just artificial. How far will people go in manipulating the truth? Is it justified to use manipulation as a key to happiness? Both pieces will be displayed in May 2014 at the Ho Chi Minh fine arts museum in Vietnam. I wonder how my works will be received in a country with such a contrastive culture. Will they be shocked?